Sunday, January 22, 2017

Deceptive Advertising?

What do you think? Needing some items for my new office, as I finished many cups of Starbucks coffee this morning, I noticed many, many signs in the roadway that read "20% Off All Purchases. Today Only" and the large name Big Lots. They are located just behind Starbucks and down from Walmart, so I go browsing. Yup, signs all over the store reading "20% Off. Today Only". So I'm eyeing a few office type items before deciding. Then I notice the proverbial "fine print" on all of the signs in the store. In small letters reads "with coupon". Aha. I figured I missed a coupon in today's Sunday newspaper. I politely ask a Big Lots worker "what coupon"? Okay, perhaps I am over sensitive in some things but the answer, as I heard it, came as if to say "Well dummy" followed by (really!!) "you had to come YESTERDAY to get the coupon". Duh. Really?! Needless to say I had not come yesterday for the coupon, so I left Big Lots, with no purchases.

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