Thursday, January 26, 2017

2017 A New Year Full of Magic

REALLY EXCITED about a New Year in real estate! I started the year by transferring my license to join my former protege', CeCe Savage, at her newly formed company, Garth Realty Group, LLC, here in Montgomery. We are a full service real estate company and look forward to many years of helping buyers and sellers. I will also continue in my additional role as trainer, mentor and counselor to our newer agents. After thirty-five years in the real estate business, I continue to wake up every day "expecting magic and miracles".

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Deceptive Advertising?

What do you think? Needing some items for my new office, as I finished many cups of Starbucks coffee this morning, I noticed many, many signs in the roadway that read "20% Off All Purchases. Today Only" and the large name Big Lots. They are located just behind Starbucks and down from Walmart, so I go browsing. Yup, signs all over the store reading "20% Off. Today Only". So I'm eyeing a few office type items before deciding. Then I notice the proverbial "fine print" on all of the signs in the store. In small letters reads "with coupon". Aha. I figured I missed a coupon in today's Sunday newspaper. I politely ask a Big Lots worker "what coupon"? Okay, perhaps I am over sensitive in some things but the answer, as I heard it, came as if to say "Well dummy" followed by (really!!) "you had to come YESTERDAY to get the coupon". Duh. Really?! Needless to say I had not come yesterday for the coupon, so I left Big Lots, with no purchases.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

NOW is the BEST time to List Your Home For Sale! It is now January 2017 and the real estate market in Montgomery Alabama continues to improve. We have seen a slight rise in mortgage rates across the country, however, rates are still exceptionally low. Inventory of available homes for sale in our market continues to drop. Take a look at the Five Top Reasons to List your Home in Winter and then contact me NOW about getting the jump on all of the other home sellers who are waiting to list until the Spring.