Friday, November 25, 2011

The Best Way Home

"It's not far, if you know the way." Maybe it is an obvious statement but there are some definite steps that will improve your success in buying a home in today's market.
  1. Know you credit score - the best mortgage rates are available to borrowers with the highest scores. Unless you know what your credit score is at all three major bureaus, you don't really know what rate you'll have to pay.
  2. Clean up your credit - it is estimated that about 90% of credit reports have errors. Some are not serious but others could affect a borrower from getting the best loan terms. It is your responsibility to know what is on your different reports and correct them if possible. You're entitled to a free copy of your credit report each year from Experian, Trans Union and Equifax.
  3. Get pre-approved - Taking the time to make a loan application with a qualified lender even before you start looking at homes will provide peace of mind, make sure that you are looking at the "right" homes and may help you negotiate the best price on the home you select.
  4. Do your homework - when you find the home that meets your needs and desires, research the tax assessments, school ratings, crime activity, possible zoning changes and comparable sales in the area.
As your real estate professional I can definitely help you with these important strategies to invest in a home to call your own, raise your family, feel safe and secure and share with your friends. Call for a recommendation of a trusted mortgage professional; there really is a difference.

I hope you and yours had a Great Thanksgiving. And remember if it is time to make a change in your life, perhaps real estate school may be the answer. A new class starts Monday December 5, at Martin  Fellows Real Estate School here in Montgomery.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Life is Great! Happy Thanksgiving!

THANKSGIVING MORNING in Montgomery, Alabama. I have so very many things to be thankful for it would take quite a while to list them all here. Our housing market in Central Alabama is still a bit "challenging", however we do sense signs of improvement. We do have plenty of quality homes available for buyers, and of course we still have our share of foreclosures. Smart investor clients are taking serious looks at the really great values being offered in some of the foreclosure, and in fact, they feel NOW is the time to invest in rental property before our market starts going up.

REAL ESTATE SCHOOL is still chugging along at Martin & Fellows Real Estate School. We do have a new class scheduled to start on Monday December 5. It is the "Pre-License" Class for people who want to get into real estate. It meets Monday and Wednesday nights, with a break for the holidays. All info can be found at our web site: More Details

Life IS Great! Have a Great Thanksgiving!