Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Always Learn When Teaching New Agents

After nearly thirty years of helping buyers and sellers, and many years of teaching classes to real estate agents, I still get excited about the opportunities I have to touch other people's lives.

And I continue to learn from all of these experiences!

Having just finished teaching the Post License Class, required of agents within six months of passing the Alabama Real Estate Licensing Exam, I am really pumped! What an exciting class it was! To have students who are motivated and excited about helping our country, by helping become a major part of the housing recovery, wow, what a thrill!

And I come away from my classes, always reminded that I always have more to learn. And I thank my students of our most recent class (at Martin & Fellows Real Estate School, headed by the "Doctor of Real Estate", Earl Martin) for giving me fresh insights and ideas.

Life is Good! And our market is improving every day!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Top Real Estate Trainer Dick Betts in Montgomery

What a great session today in Montgomery with top trainer Dick Betts! Dick has been coming to Montgomery for several years, to provide seminars on all of the latest technology that affects real estate agents.

And as I just struggled for several hours earlier today, finally trying to setup my YouTube account, Dick's visit could not come at a better time! And now ready to start posting videos about all of the great lisings I have in Central Alabama in the Montgomery area.

And I will be teaching Real Estate Post License classes next week for newly licensed real estate agents, and I will be able to incorporate so many of Dick's ideas.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tony Robbins "Breakthrough" TV Show

I am sitting here preparing to teach a real estate class to students who aspire to become new real estate agents, and really do not have the time to convey all of my thoughts about Tony Robbins.

However, watching his new "Breakthrough" program on NBC last night stirred a number of emotions and memories.

I discovered Tony in the late 80's, bought his tapes, and he began to help change my life!

I have seen him in person, at one day seminars in Atlanta, two years in a row. When I discovered his book "Unlimited Power" many years ago, I bought and gave away many copies to friends. And after the program last night, I am inspired to reread, and reapply, the book.

Tony Robbins rocks!