Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Always Learn When Teaching New Agents

After nearly thirty years of helping buyers and sellers, and many years of teaching classes to real estate agents, I still get excited about the opportunities I have to touch other people's lives.

And I continue to learn from all of these experiences!

Having just finished teaching the Post License Class, required of agents within six months of passing the Alabama Real Estate Licensing Exam, I am really pumped! What an exciting class it was! To have students who are motivated and excited about helping our country, by helping become a major part of the housing recovery, wow, what a thrill!

And I come away from my classes, always reminded that I always have more to learn. And I thank my students of our most recent class (at Martin & Fellows Real Estate School, headed by the "Doctor of Real Estate", Earl Martin) for giving me fresh insights and ideas.

Life is Good! And our market is improving every day!