Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How Is Your Weather? The Weather is Great for Real Estate in Montgomery Alabama

This is the beginning of April, 2013...and our real estate in Montgomery Alabama is really getting exciting! Our housing inventory continues to fall, and sales continue to lead last year in a big way. And both of these are good indicators of positive things to come.

And we are seeing these same indicators all across the United States. Of course, we in the real estate business are always quick to point out, "real estate is like the weather....it's local". However, quite a few top real estate "forecasters" have been predicting a housing shortage has been rapidly approaching.

So my personal predictions, based on over thirty years of experience watching the good times and the bad times of our business, are that if you've been sitting on the fence about buying or selling a home,
NOW is the time! No matter what market you live in, ask around "how's the weather here?"

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